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static drum sound [Nov. 18th, 2005|11:08 am]
the kolectiv


from 601:

Thats right ya'll, finally my Static Drum Sound compilation is done and ready to go. It features some of the trax on this myspace sight and a bunch of other artists ive known for a while. this comp moves between noise, tech house, breakcore, idm and drum n bass. it will be available shortly on positron records.com but for now if anybody wants one i'll hook you guys up for $8 a pop plus $.99 for shipping. and no these arent some crappy cdr's made at home i had them professionally made. So if you're interested let me know, trust me it's worth it, there is some truly amazing music on this comp

any more info needed, leave a comment and i'll get back to you asap

[User Picture]From: offbeat_earth
2006-04-04 07:48 am (UTC)
hello. please read my poems (written word link atop my userpage)

i shall respect your time and writing and clarity, regardless of your charity
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