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mp3 mix cds [Sep. 19th, 2005|01:05 am]
the kolectiv


[Tags|, , , ]
[feeling |creative]
[hearing |Cex | DJ No Evil Baltimix 6000 | 34:00]

i'm putting together a few collections of the mixes i've been doing lately with coupdtaco, and just on my own. the station really got me back into wanting to do something again with music, and i figure the best way to get back into it was to start mixing again. i'm going to be making hard copies of the collections and then eliminating them from my server to make room for more. if anyone is interested in getting a hold of one of these, drop me a line.

the back cover needs some work, and most likely won't be the finished art, these are just to give you an idea of what's in store...